Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Here you can find answers and general information quickly about Franchise Documents

The Franchise Documents are very easy to understand and use. The documents are provided in word format, after you receive and or download the documents, simply use the 'find and replace' functions. You can update your business information, contact details, add photos and update all of the company specific information if you wish.
The Franchise Documents have been well designed so you can quickly change and edit them to fit with your specific business and industry.
You can view a copy of the Franchise Operations Manuals here and view the Value Pack samples here
If you require such franchise consultancy services we offer this as an extra service to your purchase. If you would like us to prepare the documents specially for your business, add the content and update the contact details, specifically for your business, then we offer this as a special order, depending on your business needs and requirements. Please send us an email for further details.
We have country specific and industry specific documents available at your request. From Carpet Cleaning to Law business templates, you name it we supply it, covering almost 300 industry sectors.
After you complete a secure payment with Paypal and we receive the order our administration department will email you the manuals and or documents generally within a few hours. (As long as the order is processed without any errors / questions)
We supply franchise manuals for most countries, most English speaking countries, however we have certain manuals and document prepared for other countries. So please email us with any specific question or requests. We would like to help you where we can.
As each country changes and or updates its franchise regulations and or code of conduct, we amend the documents and include all of the recent changes, including the code of conduct changes for each country. If you have any specific questions relating to this please email us.
No problem, please email us with any question, request or special order and we will do our best to assist you where we can.